Complutense University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Madrid University
(Madrid, Spain)

The Complutense University of Madrid is accessible through the city's complex network of over 150 bus routes and thorough metro and train systems. Travelling and driving around Madrid is not recommended because of its traffic jams and parking difficulties. However, car rental services are available. Visitors who want to travel in style can hire limousines from Madrid's high end hotels. Moped and bicycle rentals are the other cheaper options for travelling around Madrid.

Travel by Air

If you are travelling by air, the Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) is only 14 km / 9 miles away from the Madrid centre. Visitors can find available buses, taxis, and car rental services at the airport and can catch a ride to any location in Madrid.

Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) Information - Useful information about Madrid (MAD) Airport

Car Parking

For a certain fee, visitors can get parking slots in Plaza de Oriente, Plaza Mayor, and Plaza Santa Ana where the slots are rented by the half day or whole day. Some bays in Madrid are intended for residential parking only. Visitors are advised not to park there because their vehicles can be towed. Those staying in hotels can park their vehicles in the hotel's parking area for a certain charge.

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Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

Using the metro system is an efficient way to travel around Madrid as it covers over 230 km / 143 miles. Trains leave every three to five hours everyday. Visitors can travel travel virtually anywhere in and outside Madrid by riding the metro system.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Madrid's night bus service, called buhos, is also a good way to travel to and from Madrid at night. The buses leave between 23:30 and 06:00. Buses in the airports that drop off passengers at the Plaza Colon in Madrid city leave every 15 minutes. A normal bus ride in this route can last around half an hour.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis are easy to come by in Madrid. Visitors only have to stand by the street and hail an empty white taxi with a green roof light. Taxis charge per kilometer and may charge extra for more passengers and extra luggage. Visitors can also book private taxis for extra security.

Madrid University

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