Complutense University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

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(Madrid, Spain)

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Madrid hotels are normally situated in the city centre and beside tourist spots and destinations. Madrid offers affordable guest houses, inns, and boarding houses for budget travelers and families. Madrid's high-end accommodation offer a variety of services and facilities that offer visitors stylish temporary living.

Hotels and Accommodation

Visitors going to Madrid can choose from the different one to five-star hotels available all around the city. They can also get accommodation in high-rise buildings resembling apartments that can be rented out for one night or a week, depending on the volume of visitors and the season. These accommodation have parking spaces available for a certain fee. The more expensive hotel accommodation have facilities like gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and lounges; and satellite TV and radios inside the rooms. Hotel rates vary depending on the season. Advanced bookings may or may not be entertained, depending on the number of visitors.

Student Accommodation

The university offers student residences in seven colegios mayors. These accommodation are available in single or shared flats. Single flats are for students who want to live independently, while shared flats are for those who are open to having roommates. Some off-campus accommodation are offered by host families. Host families are excellent venues for practicing Spanish, and living with them is highly recommended for international students. For accommodation inside the campus, several university colleges that offer same sex or co-ed living facilities like launderettes and various sports facilities are available.

Students are advised to book their slots early at least a month before the first day of school. The flats can also be rented for a certain fee, depending on the location and facilities available. A 7% Spanish VAT is added to the total bill for hotel accommodation.

Madrid University

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